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Meet Your Designer

Meet Your Designer

Meet Your Designer

Meet Aditi Sharma
She is the founder and the creative head behind label Free Living

How did Free Living begin?
I graduated from NIFT Chennai and worked in the apparel industry for around five years and in 2013 I started the label. So, the guest room became my office and warehouse. My husband helped me with order deliveries and my kitchen became the dye room.

The entrepreneurial journey till now-how has it been?
It has been intense.The team started from being just me and now its  a studio and tailoring unit of around 15 employees. The pressure to balance commerce and creativity is immense. Of course there are tense days and nights- but the joy of working on your vision is what makes me go.

Why do you do what you do?
I design collections based on my sheer love for cotton and our rich Indian textiles. The silhouettes are kept in mind that the garment is being worn by a human being and it needs to be breathable and comfortable. We are always experimenting  and learning from our mistakes.

Why online, why not offline?
Being a pre-internet millennial, I loved what the internet and ecommerce brought in. Online selling opened up the possibility for me to create something and put it out there to connect with customers all over the world. The telecom and internet boom has totally changed our lives.

Why and how did you coin the name Free Living?
To me Free Living is a feeling. Its an artistic and sensible lifestyle.
The namestruck me while working in my office, thinking if I had a label, what would it be called? What should it reflect? What message should it spell out?
A sensible clothing and lifestyle.
Hence, Free Living was coined.

Why is craft important to you?
Once on a trek, a friend asked me what is luxury? I couldn't come up with an answer then.
Now, I realised that the ultimate luxury is Time.
So, I make sure our each garment is time-rich. There is a certain craft in each piece- whether the hand block prints, rich cotton fabric or a quirky hand crafted detail.

What about sustainability? Where do you stand?
Our philosophy is to use natural fabrics, the prints are artisanal hand block printed and keeping our silhouettes real-for the real woman.
Our fabrics are breathable. They are easy to maintain- that means you can just wring them in cold water or simply wash and wear. We upcycle a lot of of our fabric wastage and you can shop our upcycled products on our website.

What about Project Upcycle?
Project Upcycle is an endeavour towards lowering our fabric wastage. All our fabric bits get utilized. Our design team upcycles them into trendy lifestyle products which you can shop on our website.

5 Quick One Liners for you
1.Your favourite fabric?

2.Your favourite hashtag?

3.Favourite wardrobe essentials ?
White On White kurtas.

4.Favourite lifestyle ideology?
Spend time in nature. Plant more trees.

5.Current music you are listening to?
Love listening to ChilledCow while working.

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